Product Lines


   *PVC Pipe & Fittings

   *Black Pipe & Fittings


   *All Thread

   *Condenser Pads

   *Condensate Pumps

   *S & Drive

   *Duct Connector

   *Vane & Rail

   *Access Doors

   *Ductmate Fire Dampers

   *Smoke-Fire Dampers



   *and more...


Air Conditioning Equipment

   *Fraser Johnston




   *ADP Coils


Builders Products/ Roof Flashings/ Gravel Stops/ Shingle Nosing

   *Art’s Sheet Metal

   *Noll Mfg.


Commercial Pipe & Spiral & Fittings

   *Modular Metals

   *Great Pacific


   *Mina Metals


Corregated Sheet Metal


Dryer Venting Products


   *Fantech Dryer Boosters


Ductless Mini Splits






Exhaust Fans/Blowers





   *S&P Fans


Flat Stock



   *Stainless Steel



Fan Coils

   *First Company


Furnace Equipment

   *Fraser Johnston






   *Clarcor Pleated Filters

   *Electrostatic Filters


Infrared Heaters




   *Astro-Cooler Bubble Wrap

   *Johns Manville Wrap & Liner


Line Sets and Copper Fittings

   *Howell Metal

   *Mueller Industries


Raingoods- Gutters & Downspouts

   *Art's Sheet Metal

   *Award Metals

   *Berger Bros



Registers & Grills Commercial and Residential


   *Hart & Cooley


Residential Pipe & Fittings


   *Great Pacific




Roof Assemblies/ Louvers/ Ventilation

   *Art’s S/M


   *Award Metals

   *Bernard Dalson

   *Artis Metals


   *Empire Rotary


Sheet Metal Regulators/ Mechanical Fasteners –  Zone Systems

   *Duro Dyne

   *Duro Zone


Tape/ Adhesives




   *Accumetric Boss Sealants

   *Fire Caulking

   *Duro Dyne

   *Karnak Roof Cement


Thermostats & Controls







   *Source One


Thermostat Wire











   *Midwest Snips


   *Vice Grip


   *Duro Dyne

   *Roper Whitney

   *Tin Knocker

   *and more…


Test Instruments





Type B Vent & Chimney Pipe

   *Selkirk Metalbestos


Unit Heaters/ Make up Air Units




Vibration Isolators/Seismic Restraint



Wall Heaters/Floor Furnaces/Console Heaters




Wire Flex


   *Hart & Cooley   



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